About Us

Founded in 2016, Kelvin Medical, Inc. is a consumer medical device company and an early participant in telehealth wearables with a focus on artificial intelligence driven physical therapeutic technologies.

The Company is developing solutions that empower consumers ranging from aging users seeking to live pain-free, to competitive athletes seeking to maximize their performance. Our business model is to provide medical devices and telehealth wearables consumer direct, either single purchase or on a reoccurring subscription basis, as well as to license our full eco-system to medical offices, as well as physical therapy clinics/corporate wellness program administrators.

Kelvin Medical’s developing telehealth wearables platform has been devised to capture meaningful market share in the $30.5 billion global wearables market, along with the multi-billion-dollar physical therapy and corporate wellness industries.

The Company’s developing telehealth platform of wearables, machine learning software, and re-loadable cartridges will enable consumer users, therapy clinics, and corporate wellness programs, to maximize results through real-time distance monitored activity and therapeutic recommendations.


William R. Mandel MBA


William R. Mandel M.B.A. has an Electrical Engineering background; he graduated from U.C.L.A. and has worked in Medical Device technology development for over 25 years. He has worn a variety of hats throughout his career. As an Engineer, he understands the inner-workings of devices and the process required to design a product and carry it through to production. As a Team Leader, William has an expanded understanding of the scope and magnitude of bringing a product to market. In the crucial role of Engineering Manager and as VP of Product Development, he sharpened his skills in managing a multitude of projects, people and budgets. William has a wide range of accumulated experience in various fields: medical instrumentation, software and hardware development, business owner and entrepreneur, and freelance consultant.These different roles have enhanced his understanding of design, development, marketing, sales, production, and distribution. Recently, William earned a Masters of Business Administration, which has further expanded his knowledge and skills.

Margaret V. Austin PhD

Chairman of the Board

Margaret V Austin Ph.D. been the owner of Oasis Medical Solutions since 1998. It has been her drive and dedication to maximizing technology in the medical device industry that has led Kelvin Medical to its current achievements. Dr. Austin is a clinical psychologist with a varied background. Early in her career she specialized in clinical work with children and their families. She later moved into has supervising the clinical work of others which enabled her to step back from direct client work and help others learn the skills and techniques that drove the success of her own clinical work. Her ongoing interest in technology expanded when she and her husband started their first business, a practice management software system for psychologists. However, it was the extended illness of her mother and the necessary and extensive exposure to medical devices and the health care system that peaked her interest in the medical device industry. As Dr. Austin lived the years of medical treatment with her mother, she witnessed the challenges and failures so common in medical device usage. These experiences motivated her to become more actively involved in medical device development with the patient’s perspective in mind.